Monthly Art Release -- The First Ever!

Beer Prints is the place to celebrate and buy the world's best craft beer art. Today is May 21, 2020, and we are officially live, people! 

Beer Prints is both a Gallery and Marketplace for killer craft beer art. Some art is just for display (aka not for sale). If you merely want to peruse great work, and future products, head to the Gallery tab of the site.

The art that is for sale lives in the Marketplace tab. Over time, we'll be making more of these visual products into actual products, as posters, canvas prints, and eventually a whole lot more. 

This marks our first ever Monthly Art Release, and we begin with five breweries listed on the Marketplace. We have a ton more in the hopper, which we will announce in future Monthly Releases.

In each Art Release, we celebrate the artwork by telling a little bit about the breweries and artists behind them.

#1 Beach Chalet, artwork by Melanie Kronemann

Beach Chalet beer 

Beach Chalet is San Francisco's iconic ocean-view restaurant and brewery. This one is close to my heart; it's walking distance to my old apartment in the city and right next to where I played soccer. Suffice to say, I've had many pitchers of great beer here. 
Nestled in the salubrious respite of Golden Gate Park, Beach Chalet has stood on the fog-soaked periphery of the Pacific Ocean since 1925, and today offers a wide range of brews to laidback surfers and snazzy city-dwellers alike.
Melanie Kronemann, Creative Director and brand designer, incorporates quintessential San Francisco landmarks and motifs into her label design. Take the Bohemian Pilsner as an example, which displays the iconic Dutch Windmill of Golden Gate Park and embraces the beatnik roots of the city.

#2 Beards Brewery, art by Steven Bartel

Beards Brewery - copperstar galactica 

Beards Brewery is located in Petoskey, Michigan and was founded in 2012 by two Petoskey locals: Ben Slocum and Peter Manthei. These two care deeply about all things craft—whether it’s music, food, or art. Peter was quite helpful to me getting this site up and figuring out how to make it work for breweries, and for that I'm incredibly thankful.

Their artwork is really something else. It features a cast of zany and cartoonish characters, with some delicious, poppy colors. Currently, we just have Copperstar Galactica available, but we'll be adding more of their fantastic pieces soon. You can see those labels on their beers page.

#3 BlackStack Brewing

Little Spoon Blackstack brewing 

BlackStack Brewing in Saint Paul, Minnesota is a family-run brewery. Their taproom is known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and that same vibe comes to life in their brand design. You'll find beers with names like "Little Spoon", "Dad Jokes", "Micro Dosing", and "Pull Tabs", and an aesthetic that's openhanded and straightforward. Their personable and laidback beer design gives you the sense that you are more like a true homie than a customer.

#4 Farmers Brewing Co.

Famers 530 ale poster

I just love the Farmers Brewing Co story, which I will quote here:

"Farmers Brewing Company was founded by Bill Weller, a fifth-generation farmer with a passion for brewing beer. Located in sprawling Princeton, CA, with a population of 407, the family farm has been in operation since the 1800s, currently producing rice, almonds, walnuts, and wheat. GPS-guided tractors have since replaced the mule-driven machinery used to till the same soil a century ago, but much remains the same."
That last sentence especially struck me, it evokes both timelessness as well as change and adaptation. That's exactly what Bill has built with the Farmer's brand, and one can feel the enduring American spirit and work ethic in each brand artwork.

#5 Finnegans Brewing

 Einer Finnegans beer

I'm realizing that 3 of the 5 breweries I picked are from the Midwest. I'm proud of that. Finnegan's Brewery is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and coming at you with a purple viking on the label! Oh hey der, Minnesotah much, do yah?

Finnegan's plays a special role in their community; their brewery is just one business facet in a larger Community Fund, which uses profits to donate to food bank partners, who, in turn, buy food from local produce partners, and feed the hungry. This audacious, and fantastic, business model breathes energy into everything they do. You can learn more about how they turn beer into food here.

Their brand art too, bubbles with magnanimous personality. Each one is an affectionate homage to local history, and all things midwest: "Tipped Cow", "Running With Axes", and "Brim Reaper." This wholesome, hilarious brand carries into the copy as well; take the Einer (pictured above) for example, which says it "pairs well with: chicken and dumplings, Lingonberry pancakes, salmon gravlax, beard braiding. A