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photo of Ben
Ben Stoffel-Rosales, Crown Prince of Beer Prints

As do many great ideas, it started out with a beer.

I hail from a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, and as with every Wisconsinite, I love beer. I've spent the last year backpacking through Central and South America, and one of my favorite things to do in a new city is check out breweries. 

One night in early April, I found myself cracking open a can from a new craft brewery. As it so happens, I selected this particular beer just because of the eye-catching label artwork. (The brewery, Cervejaria Octopus, has incredible artwork for each one of its beers, check them out here).

I thought: this brewery’s art would look great as a poster! But alas, they did not sell posters online, so I checked the websites of my other favorite breweries, and discovered they didn’t sell prints either! In fact, it seemed like Guinness was about the only beer with any posters available at all. That's outrageous!

Breweries and brand designers spend so much time and effort creating these incredible visual experiences to accompany each individual beer line. Packaging, labels, fonts, tap heads, characters, logos; I’ve even seen individual character stories created by one brewery! To win attention in this bubbling market (sorry), breweries have to be very crafty (oh, no) with brand design.

These visual products are f*cking amazing! In many cases, it’s the whole reason a customer chooses a brand for the first time. And after they have enjoyed the product, they just throw away the art, thereby ending the brand experience. I feel like there is untapped (I CAN'T STOP) potential to extend that brand experience further.

I created this site to connect craft beer fans with the breweries they love and treasure the artistic material and products these brands create.